San Jose Steamrollers

A Power Wheelchair Soccer Team

The San Jose Steamrollers gain momentum

With a ‘clank’ of the guards and a thunderous shout “TEAM!”, the San Jose Steamrollers start the new season off with an intense focus. Together Everyone Achieves More is whats cemented in each player’s mind dissolving every single selfish thought and what remains is… limitless.

In the weeks prior, each athlete was given the task of stating personal goals that they would like to accomplish throughout the season. Some stating they want to reach a certain goal quota while others share their future ambitions of international play but the focus on everyone’s mind that Saturday morning was TEAM. The first display of teamwork was against the Central Valley Ghostriderz as the Steamrollers opened up with a goal within the first minute. The Steamrollers exhibited teamwork at its finest, communication was high, passing was crisp, and the execution of set plays netted the Steamrollers a 4-0 final score. The second game of the day against the BORP Shockers, the Steamrollers’ engines were warmed up and the end results showed, ending the game with a score of 9-1. The Steamrollers want to thank the Central Valley Ghostriderz for hosting and for all the volunteers and referees for making power soccer the sport that it is today.


Please join us in our first home games of the season:

October 21st @ Bascom Community Center

2017-2018 Season Kickoff


After a 2nd place finish in Nationals at Indiana in June, the San Jose Steamrollers kicked off the 2017-2018 season with the first practice session on September 16th. Placing 2nd resulted in the Steamrollers’ promotion to the Premier Cup, the top power soccer conference with a higher degree of competition, and all team members are ready for this challenge. Before returning to the court, head coach John Connolly lead a discussion about team and individual goals to accomplish during the season. Team goals involve beating the Circle City Rollers which is considered the best Premier Cup team and place 8th or better in the conference to avoid dropping out.
Individual goals were as follows:
Ryan: “Join Team USA and get to the top of Premier.”
Chris: “Score 10 goals.”
Sid: “Score 20 goals.”
Frankie: “Score 10 goals and earn 5 shutouts.”
Omar: “Backing up more and shooting more 180 spin kicks.”
Jairo: “Get 2 shutouts in the group stage of Nationals.”
Stanley: “Communicate more on the court.”
The players rolled into the gym to start practice following a “Team!” chant, working to warm-up and tune up for two sets of games scheduled in October on the 7th in Fresno and 21st in San Jose.
Sid’s Thoughts about the season: “As a player on the Steamrollers since 2012, it has been quite a journey working with the team to move up in ranking from 5th to 3rd to 2nd and finally back in the Premier Cup after a few years of hard work. Even though my experience as a player has grown significantly in the past few years, I look forward to digging even deeper this season to find my prime in power soccer and contribute more overall to the team while also avoiding yellow and red cards. Power soccer is not only a sport for me and my teammates, but an arena of purpose where we can showcase our true abilities and change attitudes about disability. I have experienced great pleasure in applying power soccer to my daily life through presentations in my major, Communication Studies, as well as Toastmasters, interning with a local councilmember, and enhancing connections with my friends and family. In my past observations from watching Premier Cup games, the keys to succeeding in this conference are maintaining high level of intensity throughout games and minimizing mistakes. Go Steamrollers!”
Please support John as he bikes tomorrow morning to support all three teams in the San Jose Power Soccer program: Steamrollers, Rockets, and Flash. Here is the link to donate to the cause:

2017 Team Goal

Team will work hard to finish 7 or better in Premier Cup 2018.