San Jose Steamrollers

A Power Wheelchair Soccer Team

Our Trip Down to Glendale

With a long drive to Glendale the Steamrollers played the SoCal Vaqueros. We played in a two day tournament with great games. Unfortunately we did not have two of our starters, but as a team we played strong without them. All of our games, we played hard and strong to figure out are game plan. Throughout the games we tried different strategies to get our team into good opportunities to score. The first game we lost 2-3. Then we had a short break before strapping back in to our chairs to do it again. The second game was a tied game at 2-2. We went back to the hotel and then the next day we woke up and played again. After two hard well battled games by both teams, we had scores of 0-0 and 1-2. I want to thank the SoCal Vaqueros for hosting a great tournament. This year we been focusing on playing better as a unit, so I want to recognize Sid, Chris, and Frankie for their significant contributions.