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Steamrollers Roll Through SoCal Vaqueros In January Matches

Socal Video Snip

On Saturday, January 28th the Steamrollers hosted their rivals the SoCal Vaqueros in three matches played at the Bascom Community Center gym. The Steamrollers defense was strong all day long, spearheaded by excellent goal tending by Jairo Solorio. All three matches were very physical, but the Steamrollers came out on top in each of the three matches through strong team play of moving the ball around the court to well positioned teammates. The Steamrollers centers and wings, Ryan Connolly, Omar Solorio, Stanley Kuang, and Chris Faria, each scored at least one goal across the three games. The lone Steamrollers wing without a goal, Sid Karnala, didn’t go home empty handed though, as he received the only yellow card of the day. Below are the game scores for the day.

Game 1: Steamrollers 2 vs Vaqueros 1

Game 2: Steamroller 3 vs Vaqueros 1

Game 3: Steamrollers 2 vs Vaqueros 0